Why Study Languages?

Part of my job is to promote studying languages and learning about other cultures. This is an infographic I made on Venngage.com, a free resource with premium options (like, if you want to actually print your infographic or download it). The upside is that you can practice and show your work on their website and publish it on your own, like I’m doing below. Pictures and icons are attributable to Venngage.

What language(s) would you like to learn? Does the infographic convince you it would be worth the effort? 

A note about my sources: Source information is included on the infographic, and a lot of it I found first on the website “Why Learn Languages.” Also, the Dana Foundation has published research findings on topics, such as the cognitive benefits to children and adults of being bilingual. Because I put the information into this infographic and I plan to use it only for educational purposes, I put a CCBYNC license on it. I’m still learning all the details about copyright, so I’ll update this infographic if I’ve done it incorrectly.

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