Spaß mit Deutsch an KSC!

Chef Henry Bust answers German 201's questions- auf Deutsch, of course!
Austin Dodge became "Herr Austin" to teach German 315 about GDR rock music

This past week was  fun with German at Keene State College!

First, on Monday, KSC Dining’s Global Chef program brought Chef Glenn Henry Bust, who made Weissbier Tiramisu. He also met with a 201 class who interviewed him in German about his career and his travel experiences. Chef Bust is on a U.S. tour.


German 315: Conversation & Composition 


Also this week, the German 315 class began leading class discussion with topics of their choice. Austin (who chose to be called “Herr Austin” for the day) taught the class about a record named “Wie ein Stern” by singer Frank Schöbel. He learned about this album by watching the movie Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others, 2006- also won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007). Austin then searched for the album, which was made in the German Democratic Republic (1949-1989) and released by the state-endorsed record company, Amiga, and bought it online. What a find! The class enjoyed the music, too.


LP cover of "Wie ein Stern" (Like a Star)
Der Schallplattenspieler (screen shows singer Frank Schöbel)

Emma Simpson gave a vocabulary sheet to the class to help facilitate discussion about “Selfies” and “Die Wise Guys,” one of her favorite acapella groups from Germany.

Emma led a discussion about Selfies and chose the song, “Selfies” by the German acapella group “Die Wise Guys.”
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